EXCERPT: Her Secret Incantations by Heather Avalon (erotic contemporary magick)

Her Secret Incantations
by Heather Avalon
erotic magickal contemporary romance
primary M/F relationships with F/F secondary relationships

Cambria has spent years hiding from her magical past. Now she must face her fears and unite with three magicians – Laura, a British stripper who had once been her lover, Xander, a darkly handsome druid, and Jordan, a reggae musician who plays an enchanted drum.
Together, this unlikely group must defeat a dangerous enemy, before that enemy destroys them.
Greater even than the magical power they share is their realization of its true source: the love that forges them into a family.

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Breakfast at the Tavern reminded Laura of California. They offered things like yogurt parfait, avocado omelet, and tempeh. It was hard to feel sad or stressed as she sipped tea and watched the sunbeams playing on the aged, rustic floorboards.

Once their food arrived, Xander interrupted their polite small talk. “It seems we have a few things to discuss, both business and personal.”

Laura expected Cambria to say something snide, but she didn’t. She simply nodded.

“I will say this to both of you.” Xander continued. “I am very much interested in getting to know Cambria better. My intentions are romantic.”

He paused, as if waiting for a response, then continued. “I am very aware of the history that you two girls share, and I am also aware that I have never been Cambria’s favorite person. I am hoping we can all find some healing from the past. I also want you both to know how much I love and value you, Laura, as my priestess, my best friend, and sometimes, my lover. I also suspect, that if the two of you would let yourselves, there is still a lot of love and attraction between you.”

Laura felt tears stinging her eyes. She looked at Cam, who looked like she was ready to explode. Laura knew Cam couldn’t keep a serene demeanor forever. None the less, she was surprised when Cam spat words that might have been funny at another time.

“Wait just a minute, Alexander. Is this all just a way to manipulate yourself into bed with two hot girls?”

Xander smiled. “Well, I wouldn’t turn it down, but no. I just think the three of us have a complicated history, and many deep feelings between us. I think we need to put our cards on the table to make sure no one gets hurt.”

Laura found the courage to speak. “I agree with Xander.” She looked directly at Cambria. “Cam, I was so hurt when we stopped being friends. I was hurt when you and Ray chose each other and left me out. I was hurt that you never explained to me that your feelings for Ray were… well, were what they were. Now I am afraid the same thing is happening with Xander. I am afraid for myself, and I am afraid for the Council. The Council can’t stand another rift. And I, I don’t think I could stand to lose you again, Cam. And, Xander, you are such an integral part of my life now. I don’t think that I could lose you and keep myself. And, I have to admit, I am lonely. I want someone to want me the way that men always end up wanting Cambria. . .the way that I have always wanted Cambria.” There. She had said. . .everything.

She expected Xander to be the first to speak, but he wasn’t.

Cambria reached over and took Laura’s hand The gesture was more tender than Laura had thought Cam capable of. “Laura, no one is going to lose anyone. There has been far too much loss already. I am so sorry for the way I played things before. I was young, I was confused… I am not trying to make excuses, but I want you to know that I never wanted to hurt you, and in the process of doing so, I hurt myself as well. It is hard for me to acknowledge feelings, to make myself vulnerable, to make commitments. It is especially hard because I seem to have the ability to honestly love more than one person at the same time. I don’t know how to deal with that, so I have chosen to stay single since Ray died. I’m lonely, too, Laura. And I have missed you, so much.”

Laura had no time to react before Cam switched her gaze to Xander.

“Xander,” Cam began. “There was a time when I blamed all evil in the world on you. Now I can see two things clearly. One is that I probably judged you harshly. Two is that you really have grown and changed a lot. No doubt there is an energy between us. But if it is going to hurt Laura, you and I will not explore those possibilities.”

“I agree, Cam,” Xander said slowly. “I have always been a bit in love with both of you. I don’t want to hurt either of you. I will bow to your wisdom in this matter.”

“No,” said Laura. “It’s not that I don’t want the two of you to be together. It’s that… well, it’s that I want to be with you too.

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