About Our Imprints

In 2013, Jupiter Gardens Press changed its imprint structure to better identify and market the many genres which we publish. We hope this brings clarity to our publishing process as well as provides a way for readers to find their favorite books and authors. Books are categorized by intended audience and genre, with preference being to keeping our erotic works in the Jupiter Gardens Ignite and Jupiter Gardens Flare imprints.

Jupiter Gardens Press (no imprint) – We publish nonfiction books focusing on pet care, wellness, new age, metaphysical, and pagan topics as Jupiter Gardens Press. You will see these books listed under the “Nonfiction” category and genre.

Jupiter Gardens Flare – Our erotica imprint formerly known as Undina Press is now published as Jupiter Gardens Flare. All erotica works (no romance) are published under this imprint, and you’ll recognize them by the book covers. We welcome all genres of erotica, not just science fiction and fantasy, as long as the work meets our submission guidelines for length, content, and what we will publish.

Jupiter Gardens Ignite – Ignite your senses with the erotic romance books formerly published under Pink Petal Books. Hot and steamy, JG Ignite will take readers on a sensual, romantic adventure. In keeping with the tag line of Pink Petal Books, …because love is a beautiful thing…, JG Ignite publishes all orientations as well as all genres of romance.

Jupiter Gardens Quest – Fantasy at its finest can be found in the JG Quest line. From epic fantasy to gritty urban worlds, JG Quest publishes fantasy novels that fans like to read.

Jupiter Gardens Romance  – In October 2008, when Pink Petal Books opened its doors, it accepted all heat levels of romance, including sweet and sensual romance. JG Romance cements our  commitment to non-erotic romance, because after all, love is a beautiful thing in all its forms.

Jupiter Gardens Teen – Our Jupiter Storm line has become Jupiter Gardens Teen, publishing young adult and new adult books.

Jupiter Gardens Xenon – Science fiction, whether it’s a future on our own world or a planet light years away has always held imaginations. Our JG Xenon line publishes science fiction in all it’s thought-provoking and exciting forms.