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At this time JGP is closed to submissions. We will update this page when we reopen. Thank you.

Welcome to Jupiter Gardens Press. Please familiarize yourself with the imprints we publish. We pay royalties and do not ask for any fees from the author. We have extensive experience in the publishing industry and we want to be an author-friendly publisher with a great line-up of books.

We currently publish these imprints:

Jupiter Gardens Press – nonfiction mainly on the topics of spirituality, pet care, and pop culture.

Jupiter Gardens Flare – erotica in all genres

Jupiter Gardens Ignite – erotic romance in all genres and pairings.

Jupiter Gardens Quest – fantasy

Jupiter Gardens Romance  – Romance in all genres which is of a sweet, sensual, or mainstream heat level.

Jupiter Gardens Teen – young adult and new adult

Jupiter Gardens Xenon – science fiction

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What do we want?

Jupiter Gardens Press seeks novels suitable for the imprints listed above from 10,000-100,000 words. You may submit shorter works, but please be aware that we prefer to publish works of at least 10,000 words from outside authors.

In our erotic works, we will not consider stories that contain bestiality, necrophilia, incest (including twincest), underage characters, bodily fluids used as sexual titillation (blood in the case of vampires can be considered an exception, but it must fit in with the story. No gore please.), or rape.

To submit your work for consideration, please complete the form below. We will respond to this form within 1 week or less. We accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that you be prepared to allow us our regular response times.We also ask that you keep us updated with the status of the manuscript.

Some important highlights about our company and our contracts:

  • We pay 40% royalties on actual sales price for electronic book sales from our family of websites. We pay 40% of what we receive from third party distributors. Print books receive a royalty of 10% regardless of sales venue.
  • Non-fiction books generally go to print simultaneously with the electronic release. Print books, depending on genre, author history, and other factors may go into print at the time of electronic release. They will go to print no later than when certain modest sales levels have been reached by the electronic version of the book. If you have questions about our print policy, please email us. We would be happy to work with authors on a case-by-case basis if necessary.
  • Our contracts ask for electronic and print rights only. We may, at a future time, request audio rights, but this would be negotiated separately. The author retains all rights not specifically stated by the contract.
  • We are considered a non-subsidy, non-vanity publisher by the Romance Writers of America. We are also listed as a small press with SCWBI.
  • We utilize full distribution for our print books. We also aggressively pursue third party vendor relationships for our electronic books.

We welcome your questions! Please ask!

Please also check out our special submissions calls as well as our current editorial wish list.

A Note About Simultaneous Submissions

Previously the policy at Jupiter Gardens Press was not to accept simultaneous submissions. And honestly, we prefer exclusive submissions. Our turn around time on this form is a week or less, so we can assure you we will make a thorough, yet timely, decision on your query. We will inform you of our current response times if we request more material from you. Should you wish to make a simultaneous submission, you may, so long as these guidelines are followed.

1) You must inform us that the manuscript is a simultaneous submission.
2) You must make us aware in any change in the manuscript’s status, as soon as possible. At this time, you may indicate if you wish to withdraw your manuscript or wait for our reply. We hope you will want to wait, and we’ll let you know how long it may take.

At this time JGP is closed to submissions. We will update this page when we reopen. Thank you.

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